Building Qt 5.7 for Device Creation Image

We are having issues with pre-built Boot to Qt embedded linux images provided by Qt. The kernel version is 3.14.28, which appears to be wrong version as the included Qt demo application could not run. We had to updated the kernel to 3.14.52 to make Qt demo run. After that, we still have a touch screen issue, which I addressed in the forum ( Touch screen axes inverted on VF61 - Technical Support - Toradex Community ) but did not get answered. I also tried to build our own qt 5.7 for Device Creation images with Yocto board support package provided by Qt ( and ended up with same issues. We have contacted Qt for help, but they didn’t seem to have anything to help us with the touch screen issue. Would Toradex support here be able to help with that?

If this is not something Toradex can help with, I think the other option for us is to build the images with Toradex software packages. I was able to build angstrom-lxde-image (
Qt 5 X11 image with Angstrom LXDE desktop environment) which worked flawlessly. My question is how can we replace Qt 5 with Qt 5.7 and build target image for Qt 5.7 for device creation? We also need to have windows manager included in the target image. Any instructions on these?

Thank you.

Hi William,

Our current released image uses the jethro branch. With our image you can use meta-qt5, but the jethro branch of meta-qt uses Qt 5.5.1… Even the next branch (krogoth) does not (yet) use Qt 5.7… Mixing branches between layers of different Yocto/OpenEmbedded versions is not recommended and typically leads to build failures.

So no, currently there is no other (supported) way to build latest Qt version with our BSP. If you plan to use a recent Qt version the recommended way is to use the BSP provided by Qt.

Sorry we did not see your comment, we typically don’t check answered threads that often. Please check back the thread, I just answered to your comment.

Thank you for the reply.

For Windows Manager support, How can I add Wayland to angstrom-lxde-image?