Build uboot 2016.11 with Yocto


We planned to update to u-boot 2016-11 to be compatible with new BSP and SPL for TEZI.
So, we retrieve from meta-toradex-nxp bb related to u-boot-toradex-2016.11.
But when we try to compile with : bitbake u-boot-toradex :

| scripts/kconfig/conf  --defconfig=arch/../configs/apalis_imx6_it_defconfig Kconfig
| ***
| *** Can't find default configuration "arch/../configs/apalis_imx6_it_defconfig"!
| ***

We don’t know why it tries to configure with it version … (we successful compile 2015.04 version)

Thanks for helping,

Regards, Vincent

What version of things are you using?
e.g. the beginning of the OE output with all the layer git hashes would be useful.
Did you create your own machine but did not update the U-Boot related variables in there?

We’re using freescale community BSP (jethro branch). We’ve created our own meta to include linux patches for example. We selected apalis-imx6 machine that’s defined in meta-fsl-arm-extra I guess.

Output :

meta-yocto        = "HEAD:5b12268f6e17574999f91628a60e21711cf62ee4"
meta-multimedia   = "HEAD:dc5634968b270dde250690609f0015f881db81f2"
meta-fsl-arm      = "HEAD:35b8b9bd9863de208ab60e33b55f10ee43e2619b"
meta-fsl-arm-extra = "HEAD:8fdde39f732be9e1ee9505a04c579073114459e7"
meta-fsl-demos    = "HEAD:2231e946e7a94d096394f2b2477e8184c9bbde7b"
meta-qt5          = "jethro:ea37a0bc987aa9484937ad68f762b4657c198617"
meta-avt          = "jethro:19a47d2f79e542cc73ca4120fba02c54ac5a7fe0"
meta-filesystems  = "HEAD:dc5634968b270dde250690609f0015f881db81f2"


The config targets have changed their names from 2015.04 to 2016.11 so you will have to adapt the machine configuration file accordingly.

Note that at least with our OE setup we build SPL / u-boot.img (for flashing to the module) and a non SPL u-boot.imx (for use with recovery mode).
OE in the background then renames the binaries to SPL / u-boot.imx-spl and u-boot.imx-recover.

So you will have to update the U-Boot releated Variables in your machine configuration. e.g. have a look here.



Thanks a lot. By defining correct UBOOT_CONFIG in my local.conf we’re now able to compile 2016.11.
We have still some work to make it perfect but we are on the right way.

Thank you.