Build sdk with yocto 5.0 failure

I try to build a sdk for colibri7D-emmc for Yocto 5.0.0.

I successfully built the tdx-reference-minimal-image and it runs well on the iris eval board.

I followed this page for sdk creation (bitbake -k tdx-reference-minimal-image -c populate_sdk) but endup with a high number of packages failures.

I compile in a ubuntu:bionic docker with all your packages listed here

Is the 5.0.0 bsp not ready for building sdk ?

should the sdk compile in 5.0.0 ?

my local.conf is here (my extra machine file just add a dtb, it should not impact)

Hi @Rapsody

Thanks for contacting the Toradex Support.

Currently Bsp 5.0 is in Development and not ready to be used in any application. There is only one monthly release. For building SDK and your application. I would recommend you to use Bsp 3.0.

Best regards,