Build SD Card for WEC7 restore

I have a Windows 7 computer and a normal 1GB SD card.
I would like to build an SD card for WEC 7 restore for iMX 6 using this computer.
According to the procedure of the URL, I used “Win32 Disk Imager” to specify “eBoot.imx” and wrote it on the SD card.
After that, I format the SD card, but I get an error and formatting is not completed.
Please tell me how to do it.

Can you please tell us what kind of error do you get?

Are you sure that “remove and re-insert the SD card, your PC will ask you to format it” ?

Thank you for helping me.

Dear Valter.tx
Because my environment is Japanese, it will be a message of English translation, but in a dialog message, “Windows could not complete the formatting” is displayed.
FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, Whichever file system you choose, the same error is displayed.

Dear imagemiyamoto.tx
Yes. When inserting the SD - card, the PC is asked to format it.

The image is the display of the SD card in “Disk Management”.

Can you try to format it by right-clicking in file explorer? I think that the option in disk manager works if you already assigned a file-system to the partition. The partition is marked as FAT, but this may mean different filesystem in Windows. If you right click on the card in explorer you can select FAT32 and format it, this should work.

Dear Valter.tx

Thank you very much.

I successfully formatted from another PC in the way I instructed.

By the way, in this format, I do not think that it is TFAT(Transaction-Safe FAT File System),
How do I use it with TFAT?