Build Qt 5.6.1-1 for QML app on VF61

I am trying to build Qt 5.6.1-1 image to run QML app on Toradex VF61.

I have VS 2013 and toradex_ce8_sdk_2.2 installed.

The way I understand it, VF61 has no hardware acceleration, therefore I either need a software implementation of an opengl es2 driver, or a dummy opengl es2 driver with Qt Quick 2D Renderer built and installed in the image. Does anyone know how to implement either of these approaches? Or, if I have the premise wrong (and there’s another simpler option), please let me know.

Simply attempting to build Qt 5.6.1-1 with the SDK installed as-is results in nmake failure.

configure -prefix c:\Qt\5.6\vf61 -platform win32-msvc2013 -xplatform wince80colibri-armv7-msvc2012 -nomake tests -nomake examples -commercial -confirm-license -release
c:\qt\5.6\src\qtbase\include\qtgui\../../src/gui/opengl/qopengles2ext.h(22) : er
ror C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'GLint64'


It’s about correct. But if you don’t need QML/OpenGL, then you can pass -no-opengl to configure and it might build through there might be some troubles as not all configurations are tested before the release, but should be straight forward to fix.

But if you want QML, then yes you need that dummy opengl es2 driver for a basic QML support. Or you go down the road in compiling a software OpenGL implementation like Mesa or llvm pipe. But both where not really compiled yet for WEC as of my knowledge.

Thanks for confirming the premise! Indeed, I need QML in this case.