Build optee on verdin-imx8mp:failed to find an OP-TEE supplicant device

Recently I used Yocto to expect to build optee on the verdin-imx8mp development board. I added the following to the local.config file:
IMAGE_INSTALL_append =“optee-os optee-client optee-test”

MECHINE_FEATURES_append += "optee "

DISTRO_FEATURES_append +="optee
But after the above operations, I found that the tee node is missing in the /dev directory, and tee-supplicant cannot be started, and the following error is reported:
ERR [1467] TEES:main:694: failed to find an OP-TEE supplicant device

Are there any steps I got wrong? Or what steps am I missing?


Hi @008kai , first, an optee node is requred in the device tree. Meanwhile, you may also need a customized u-boot for OP-TEE. There was a discussion here. But we have no off-the-shelf source code or binary for OP-TEE.

I added the firmware node in u-boot’s device tree file, but the situation didn’t change. The discussion at the second link was inconclusive. Can you provide specific steps to build optee using yocto?

To make OP-TEE work, the customized u-boot, kernel, device tree are required, as well as optee related tools. However, we don’t have a step-by-step guide to enable it.

What changes do I need to make to u-boot, kernel, device tree? Can you give some guidance? I didn’t find anywhere else where optee was successfully enabled on the imx8mp board。

Does toradex have any plans to support op-tee in the future?

Hi @008kai , OP-TEE has not been on our plan yet. Our engineer did so initial work for Verdin iMX8M Mini.
verdin-imx8mm: add initial setup by igoropaniuk · Pull Request #416 · OP-TEE/build · GitHub, verdin-imx8mm: add initial setup by igoropaniuk · Pull Request #416 · OP-TEE/build · GitHub. However, it is not an officially supported feature.

I have found this thread as I am planning to do something similar and port OP-TEE to the verdin-imx8mp. @008kai have you made any further progress into this topic since writing this thread?