Build Linux Image with Yocto v2.8


I’ve try to build LinuxImageV2.8 for console Qt5 eglfs. I follow the wiki and when I build the Imgae bitbake is failed:
ERROR: ParseError in configuration INHERITs: Could not inherit file classes/toradex-mirrors.bbclass

Thank you for help.

The mirror class should be part of meta-toradex-demos. Is that layer included in your conf/bblayers.conf?

Hi Stefan, no I have removed that because depends on qt4 and I should have a minimum Image.

When you are removing meta-toradex-demos you also need to remove the Toradex mirror line in conf/local.conf too:

INHERIT += "toradex-mirrors"

Sorry there is another error:
Nothing PROVIDES ‘console-tdx-image’.

I think I must start wit the official yocto tutorial. :frowning:

You cannot throw out layers and then expect that the images which are defined in there still work… So you either have to re-add meta-toradex-demos or use a different image defined in another layer.