Build fails when trying to build Qt example hellogl_es2 for WEC7

I am trying to follow steps outlined in the following article:

Setting up Qt framework with VS2008 for WinCE with Toradex modules | Toradex Developer Center

I have installed VS2008, Qt 4.8.4 by Toradex, Qt-VS2008-Addin, Qt 4.8.4(x86), Toradex CE7 SDK.
I have also copied the Patch files and ran UpdateSDKNames.exe as mentioned in article.

Details of steps followed are mentioned in this document.

After setting up the environment, I opened the project from C:\Qt\4.8.4\examples\opengl\hellogl_es2\hellogl_es2.vcproj

Here is a screenshot:screenshot

Now when I try to build using Build->Build Solution, I get compilation errors:
Here is a screenshot screenshot

I am also attaching the build-log for reference.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I simpy want to build the example and run it on my WEC7 device.


It was my mistake,
I had not installed VS2008 SP1

The project is being build fine now.