Build error when building Torizon Minimal and Xwayland for the i.MX8MM

Hi! everyone

I’m trying to add Xwayland to torizon-minimal, t the moment, I can successfully compile and run Weston without XWayland. I previously performed this integration with Colibri. However, when attempting to follow the same procedure with Verdín, it fails to compile cairo (I’m adding the error messages). It’s worth noting that it only fails when adding x11 to DISTRO_FEATURES.

Could you please assist me in figuring out the issue?

log.cairo (20.0 KB)

It seems some GLX symbols are missing, which makes sense as it’s explicitly removed from NXP’s BSP (refer to meta-freescale/recipes-graphics/xwayland/xwayland_%.bbappend).

Can I ask what are the exact modifications you’re introducing to the distro? It should be something similar as it’s done in meta-toradex-distro/conf/distro/tdx-xwayland.conf.

Hi Leon,

Yes of course:

require conf/distro/include/
require conf/distro/

DISTRO = “torizon”
DISTRO_NAME = “TorizonCore”


DISTRO_FEATURES:append = " wayland x11"

As you mentioned, the modifications made to the distribution involve two aspects. First, in
which ends up being very similar to tdx-xwayland.conf.

In meta-toradex-torizon/conf/distro/include/torizon.conf , only the following was modified:

DISTRO_FEATURES:append = " virtualizationstateless-system opengl vulkan ldconfig wayland x11 alsa"
DISTRO_FEATURES:remove = " 3g irda pcmcia nfc ptest multiarch pulseaudio"
#DISTRO_FEATURES:imx-generic-bsp:remove = "opengl"

# No need for x11 even for native
#DISTRO_FEATURES_NATIVE:imx-generic-bsp:remove = "x11"
#DISTRO_FEATURES_NATIVESDK:imx-generic-bsp:remove = "x11"

Hey @Isaga, sorry for the delay.

The issue is this line meta-toradex-torizon/conf/distro/include/ at kirkstone-6.x.y · torizon/meta-toradex-torizon · GitHub which blacklists the specific configuration of cairo for the iMX8 devices, generating the missing glx errors.

Please comment this line and let me know if it works for you (I just tried the build with the exact same configurations you provided above, which are correct).

We’ll also review that .inc file to better support this use-case.