Build Dockerfile locally, and in the pipeline failed

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I am trying to build the Docker image for avalonia applicationto deploy it on the SoM using the Dockerfile.

Here is the output error after trying to build the image.

Any Help

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To assist you effectively with the Docker image build issue for your Avalonia application deployment on a System on Module (SoM), I would need the specific error message you encountered during the build process. Without knowing the exact error, it’s challenging to provide a precise solution. However, I can offer some general advice that might help resolve common issues:

  1. Ensure ARM Emulation is Enabled: If you’re building an image for an ARM architecture on a non-ARM host, make sure you’ve enabled ARM emulation as described in the Torizon documentation. This is crucial for cross-platform builds.

  2. Check Dockerfile Syntax: Syntax errors or misconfigurations in the Dockerfile can cause builds to fail. Ensure that your Dockerfile is correctly formatted and all specified base images, paths, and commands are correct.

  3. Dependencies and Avalonia Compatibility: Verify that all dependencies required by your Avalonia application are correctly installed and included in your Dockerfile. Also, ensure that the base image you’re using is compatible with Avalonia and the target architecture.

  4. Docker Daemon Running: Confirm that the Docker daemon is running on your system. You can start it with sudo systemctl start docker and check its status with sudo systemctl status docker.

  5. Permissions: If you encounter a permissions error, make sure your user is added to the Docker group, allowing you to execute Docker commands without sudo. This can be done with sudo usermod -aG docker $USER, followed by logging out and back in.

  6. Network Issues: Sometimes, Docker builds can fail due to network problems, especially when fetching packages or base images. Ensure your network connection is stable and that you can access Docker Hub or other repositories your Dockerfile may reference.

  7. Docker Build Context: Ensure that you’re running the Docker build command from the correct directory where your Dockerfile is located. The build context (denoted by . in your command) should be the directory containing the Dockerfile and any files it references.

If you can provide the specific error message or more details about the issue, I could offer more targeted advice. Remember to check the Docker build output for hints on what went wrong, as it often provides useful information for troubleshooting.

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Greetings @Ahmed49,

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce this error. I created an Avalonia Frame Buffer DRM project, then without modifying anything started the build and debug process. It worked fine on my side without any errors.

Did you modify your project in any way after the default creation?

Can you reproduce this issue? For example if you create another Avalonia project does the same issue happen there as well?

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