Build BSP 2.5 using Windows 10 WSL

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to build toradex BSP v2.5 for Colibri VF61 under Windows 10 WSL (Run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows - Windows Developer Blog). I’m following the instructions on that’s work fine in Ubuntu.

When I try to bitbake the image or populate the sdk in WIndows 10 WSL I get the following error message:

ERROR: Command execution failed: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/mnt/c/Users/danie/workspace_toradex/oe-core/stuff/openembedded-core/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 99, in runAsyncCommand
  File "/mnt/c/Users/danie/workspace_toradex/oe-core/stuff/openembedded-core/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 1466, in updateCache
    self.add_filewatch("__base_depends"), self.configwatcher)
  File "/mnt/c/Users/danie/workspace_toradex/oe-core/stuff/openembedded-core/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 211, in add_filewatch
    watcher.add_watch(f, self.watchmask, quiet=False)
  File "/mnt/c/Users/danie/workspace_toradex/oe-core/stuff/openembedded-core/bitbake/lib/", line 1977, in add_watch
    raise WatchManagerError(err, ret_)
WatchManagerError: add_watch: cannot watch /mnt/c/Users/danie/workspace_toradex/oe-core/build/conf WD=-1, Errno=Invalid argument (EINVAL)

Someone could help?



We at Toradex did not try to do this and have no plan to assign any resources trying to get this to work.


Yocto (or bitbake for that matter) uses some pretty advanced features only available on “real” Linux. The error you are seeing is probably due to missing inotify support in WSL. Especially file system features are problematic, as WSL doesn’t use standard Linux file systems and VFS.

I actually had a chat with the Yocto developers about that at ELC in San Diego. He expressed a lot of concerns too, and even ment that it probably will never work. Maybe if Microsoft and/or the Yocto team work towards that goal, it might work someday…

But as Max said, It is definitely not our roadmap.