Bug: Cog container missing shared-mime-info package

The Torizon build of the Cog container is missing the shared-mime-info package.

This means it will fail to render any content using a file:/// URI that are local and you only see raw HTML.

To reproduce: Run Cog with e.g a volume mount to some local HTML files (/startup/index.html) and pass one of them as the starting URL, file:///startup/index.html

See: Cog fails to render local html file. · Issue #73 · Igalia/cog · GitHub

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Thank you for reporting, we’ll include the share-mime-info package in the next patch release of Cog.

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Hello again,

it took some time because this wasn’t a priority, but we just shipped this fix for the major 3 tag version of Cog.


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