BT connectivity(connection / unpair) is not working properly

Dear Toradex,

I am working on Toradex apalis imx6q with Android Nougat. When we try remove the paired device(bu clicking unpair), unpair was done properly. But, still music playing on bluetooth headsets.

1.Go BT and connect your phone.
2.start play music.
3.go to BT(headset/phone) and unpair the device.

still song/error is playing in the bluetooth headset.


The issues in bluetooth stack. I want to disconnect the headset after unpair.

Hi @vinothS

We have a demo image for Android which you can install on the Apalis iMX6. Could you try if you have this Issue also on this demo Image.

For further questions regarding Android, please contact our Partner Kynetics.

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Hi Jaski,

Thank you for you reply. This is from the bluetooth stack side. and also I fix this one.

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You are welcome.
Perfect that the Issue is fixed. Thanks for the feedback.

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