BSP 2.8b4 with nodejs v12.14.1

I have a custom image based on BSP 2.8b4 with some custom components, that is working fine.
Now I have to include the node.js v12.x.x in this image with some modules like: express, cors, knex and sqlite3.
I know how to create a bb file using the recipe create tool.
I found in the internet that this version of node needs openssl v1.1.1 and icu4c v64.x.
I’m not sure how to update these (and may be others) components on this BSP version.
I found that the Yocto Project 3.1 (dunfell branch) already has the node v12.14.1, but we can not move to it now.
Need help please.

BSP 2.8b4 is no longer supported. Please update to the BSP 2.8.7 maintenance release which should also have at least updated openssl.

Thanks Marcel for the quick response.
I cloned version 2.8.7, but this is not with the patches that you showed in the link and I don’t know how to update it using the patches, could you show me how to do it?

Please, can anyone help me on how to apply the patch according to the response from marcel.tx?

Hi @vbalestero,

Have you followed this article to build your image?

If you execute the correct repo init and repo sync, this will automatically download the most recent updates, including the patches that Marcel mentioned.

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Morais

Thanks Daniel