BSP 2.8 with custom up-to-date Linux Kernel for Colibri T20


I need to build BSP 2.8 for Colibri T20 with custom Linux kernel.

So far, I have successfully built and flashed lightly customized angstrom-lxde-image with Yocto, and I also built and flashed custom zImage following your guides.

The problem is, Linux kernel that gets included into BSP build with Yocto includes Ilitek I2C touchscreen driver that I need, but kernel built from Index of /linux-toradex.git , latest commit at branch tegra, does not.

I can not find which exact version of Linux kernel gets included into BSP build from Index of /toradex-bsp-platform.git at revision LinuxImageV2.8 . Is it the same revision that I build kernel from linux-toradex.git or is it some other, newer revision?

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Hi @dimas, how are you?

Just for us to understand, were these two different procedures you followed? Or the zImage that you talk about is the one generated with Yocto?

You can check the version of the kernel in different ways:

Please tell us if this helps you :smiley:

Hi @gclaudino.tx
Thank you for your help.

were these two different procedures you followed?

Yes, I built BSP image with Yocto and my touchscreen worked with it, then I built Linux kernel from Toradex Linux repository, flashed it into board and touchscreen stopped working.
It turned out that my assumption that BSP image and separate Linux kernel are being built from different Git revisions was incorrect, I am sorry for that.
The kernel build config was different. I enabled every driver option related to I2C using make nconfig, built the kernel, flashed it and it worked.
So, this is the solution: check .config that kernel is being built with.

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