Browser Performance on Colibri-IMX8DX 1GB

I’d like to use a simple Browser on my Colibri IMX8DX 1GB V1.0D SOM with custon board using yocto reference image.
I followed your instructions here: How to Use Web Browser (Linux) | Toradex Developer Center

Both browser (COG and Chromium) are working, but performance is bad.
Looks like there is a CPU-Usage problem with COG and a RAM-Usage problem with Chromium (with GPU hardware acceleration).

I think for Chromium only solution is using IMX8QX with 2GB, right? Do you have tested Chromium on IMX8QX?

Is it possible to use COG with GPU hardware acceleration? Do you know any other solution or lightweight browser example running on Colibri-IMX8DX 1GB? Or do I have to switch hardware?



Hello @ImHei ,
When you say

Could you please provide a quantitative measure of this bad performance (e.g. benchmark values)? What is you use case?

We don’t have Chromium benchmark values for Colibri iMX8DX 1GB, but we have customers using it on that platform.

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Hello @josep.tx ,

In my use case I started Chromium in IMX8DX 1GB with the homepage of our customer. Loading took very long and then scrolling was very slow. But I recognized that it is very dependant on homepage content.

I got a IMXQX 2GB now and it is working much faster with the homepage of our customer. So thats a good solution for me.