Broken Module with installing gst-plugins-good-rtsp-dev package


I tried to install gst-plugins-good-rtsp-dev_0.10.31-r8.0_armv7at2hf-vfp-neon.ipk module on my Apalis iMX6 but I’ve got error and after reboot it seems that the module OS got broken and asking me a password to go to the emergency maintenance mode. It also give me this option to press ctrl+d to go to normal boot but it goes back that mode again.
Do you have any idea what cause this issue?
What is this mode and what is the password to inter to this mode?


Hi Asad,

Any chance your filesystem is completely full? It sounds like you were saving large files to the filesystem while decoding video, so make sure there is still some free space on-board. You probably don’t need the ‘-dev’ packages while testing gstreamer on the command line, so I’d recommend installing gst-plugins-good-rtsp rather than gst-plugins-good-rtsp-dev.

Regarding password: There is no password set for root by default, hence enter should drop you to a prompt… In case you filled up the free space on the board, you need to remove some packages from the board before booting will succeed again. Maybe the easier solution is to reflash the module.