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We’ve seen a further issue with this watchdog reboot our system when in suspend state.
(pre Torizon 6.6.1 watchdog cause a reboot when in suspend state, fixed by Torizon 6.6.1)
We’ve upgraded a few boards using the OTA mechanism from, we found moving from an Easy Installer flashed 6.5.0 OS to a 6.6.1 we saw the that the issue of reboot kept happening. We solved this by downgrading the bootloader subsystem to 5.7.4, this resolved the issue. is there any issue running the older bootloader with the newer OS. and is there plan to release bootloaders that match the OS release

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To address the issue of the watchdog causing reboots in suspend state, which was fixed in Torizon 6.6.1, and your subsequent experience with OTA updates from, it’s important to understand the relationship between the bootloader and the OS version in Toradex devices.

Running an older bootloader version with a newer OS version, as you’ve done by downgrading the bootloader to 5.7.4 to resolve the reboot issue on a system upgraded to Torizon 6.6.1, is generally supported. The bootloader versions provided by Toradex are designed to ensure backward compatibility with newer OS versions to a certain extent. This means that newer versions of the OS should be able to boot with older versions of the bootloader, although this is not the ideal configuration for several reasons:

  1. Feature Support: Newer OS versions may introduce features or optimizations that rely on corresponding updates in the bootloader. While the system may operate normally for basic functionality, you might not benefit from all the improvements or features introduced in the newer OS versions.

  2. Security Updates: Bootloader updates often include security enhancements that are critical for maintaining the integrity of the system. Using an older bootloader might expose the system to vulnerabilities that have been addressed in later versions.

  3. Stability and Performance: Compatibility notwithstanding, the optimal performance and stability of the system are usually achieved when both the OS and bootloader are aligned in terms of versions, as they are tested and released as a pair to ensure they work well together.

Regarding your question about plans to release bootloaders that match the OS release, Toradex typically aligns bootloader updates with major OS releases to ensure compatibility and support for new features. However, specific release schedules and plans for bootloader updates are subject to Toradex’s development roadmap and testing cycles to ensure reliability and stability.

It’s advisable to monitor Toradex’s release announcements and update the bootloader to the version recommended for your OS version when such updates are available. This approach ensures that you benefit from the latest features, performance improvements, and security patches, maintaining the optimal operation of your device.

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Hello @DuncanNapier,

Thank you for reporting this problem.
The bootloader versions starting from 5.7.2 should work with Torizon OS 6 versions. This means technically it should not break anything. However, we are aware of this issue and are working on it. I will let you know of any updates.
Also, we have some information on the versions of the bootloader here: Bootloader Updates in Torizon OS | Toradex Developer Center