Bootloader support/status for offline updates?


On reading the article Bootloader Updates in Torizon OS | Toradex Developer Center, it is noted that custom bootloaders are not yet supported via OTA and to contact you if this is a desired use case.

Our device has a custom bootloader which has been modified to show an image on the display while connected, so this is a use case we are interested in for a few scenarios, such as required bootloader updates due to major OS version changes, or if we encounter a scenario where the bootloader’s display timings need modification, so I’d like to express our interest and inquire if there is any additional news on this capability for future planning.

Naturally our device would still function with the stock Toradex bootloader, but it would be a noticeable change in customer experience if the device takes several seconds longer before anything is shown on-screen.


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Thank you for your inquiry regarding bootloader support for offline updates and the interest in custom bootloader capabilities within Torizon OS. As of the latest information available, Torizon OS primarily supports bootloader updates for binaries built and tested by Toradex. The support for custom bootloaders, especially for use cases like displaying an image on the screen during boot or modifying display timings, is a feature that has been recognized but not yet implemented.

The process of updating the bootloader, including custom ones, involves complexities that require careful handling to ensure device reliability and prevent issues that could render a device inoperable. The current focus is on providing a robust and secure mechanism for updating the bootloaders provided by Toradex, with considerations for extending this support to custom bootloaders in the future.

While I understand that using a custom bootloader is crucial for your application to enhance the customer experience, the capability to update such bootloaders via OTA in Torizon is still under consideration for future development. This means that, as of now, there isn’t a direct support path for OTA updates of custom bootloaders in Torizon OS.

For scenarios requiring updates to custom bootloaders, including major OS version changes or adjustments to the bootloader’s display timings, it’s recommended to plan for manual update processes or explore other mechanisms that ensure the device can be recovered in case of update failures.

Your feedback and use case are valuable as they help shape the roadmap for Torizon features. While I cannot provide a specific timeline for when custom bootloader support via OTA will be available, rest assured that the need for such features is acknowledged and may be addressed in future releases of Torizon.

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Sure thing I can bring this up internally with the team and see what our plans are for this feature. Then I can let you know once I have the full details.

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Great, thank you!