Bootloader GPIO settings for Colibri iMX7D-512 with WEC2013

Trying to set a GPIO output and high level for SODIMM pin 101.

>set gpio.bootconf = "[colibripin_101] altfn=-1 dir=out lvl=1 pull=up outmode=std"

>save gpio
Finding configblock...
Writing 5 sector(s) of bootargs data from sector 1792.

>set gpio
gpio.bootconf (Boot GPIO settings. Do not remove default config. (Max 1536 chars)):
'[colibripin_101] altfn=-1 dir=out lvl=1 pull=up outmode=std'

Then upon boot:

Toradex Bootloader 1.3 for iMX7 Built Nov 25 2021
Reset cause: Power-up sequence
Failed setting GPIO boot config
Colibri iMX7D 512MB 1.1D Serial: 06880298
RAM             :512 MB
NAND            :512 MB

Press [SPACE] to enter Bootloader Menu

Initiating image launch in 0 seconds.
System ready!
Preparing for download...
Loading OS Image
OEMLaunch: 0x80180000

What is my mistake that the GPIO boot config fails?


Found answer: outmode is not supported on iMX7D.

Might want to clarify this on your GPIO config block settings page as it shows “outmode” under the iMX7 example:

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Hi @mmccullotn,

Thanks for your input! I will let our team know.

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