Boot2Qt for Verdin imx8mm

The pre-build version of boot2Qt - Qt 5.15.1 for Verdin-imx8m-mini (version 1D) has no HDMI output.

Could we get the source for Yocto build? We like use the latest Qt version 5.15.10 and latest Toradex BSP. Currently Qt does not offer QBSP for Verdin-imx8m-mini. They do have one for imx8x. Could we use the imx8x QBSP with minor modifications? If so, what are the modifications?

Paul Lam

Dear @pshulam,

First, welcome to our community! Feel free to ask us any questions.

Regarding your question, unfortunately, you’ll need to talk directly to the QT community for support.
You could try this guide: Building Your Own Embedded Linux Image | Qt 5.15.10 for Device Creation
Here is the source code: yocto/boot2qt-manifest.git - Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository.

From the guide, you can see that Verdin modules are not officially supported. You could try to build a custom image for verdin and test if it works, but it’s not guaranteed.
The best solution would be to ask the QT community for support.

Best regards,