Boot Time and Resource Optimisation


We are Developing an Application (QT Based UI) in Vf61 and we only need following Resources/Modules as part of our application:

  • QT
  • GPIO
  • Serial Ports
  • SPI
  • ADC
  • USB Host (Device support for HID,Wifi,CDC Classes)
  • Touchscreen,TCPIP

We assume linux image has lot of additional Resources

How can we Remove additional Resources to save Both Memory and Bootup Time?

Regards, Aneesh

hi aneesh

Which bsp image are you using exactly? Console or lxde image?
You can check in the /bin folder all the installed programs and additionally you can check with
opkg list-installed all the installed packages. If there are packages, which are not needed, then they can be deleted by using the following command:
`opkg remove .

best regards, Jaski

We are using lxde Image. Is there a process to remove them from Image itself so that image burnt will not have unnecessary components?

hi aneesh

you can either create a script to remove the packages or do an open embedded build and remove the feature you do not need as described on this site.
Additionally you can also create an minimal image and just add features you need for your image as showed in this community post.

Best regards, Jaski