Boot TEZI from SD card on Apalis iMX8

I created a SD card with the 2.0b6 nightly 20200929 image of TEZI for the Apalis iMX8.
This SD card worked when the dev board had the Linux Console Demo loaded.

However, I currently have the AWS Pasta Demo loaded on the dev board, and when I insert the SD card and power on the board, the only LEDs which turn on are on the camera and camera adapter board, and the Ethernet port. It goes no further. The heat sink fan does not turn on. There is no activity over the serial interface. If I turn off, eject the SD card, then turn on, it will still boot into the AWS demo.

I have tried to boot into TEZI using the USB OTG approach, but the recovery mode does not work. When I remove the jumper, the dev board continues to boot from it’s flash.

Does the AWS Demo use u-boot with enabled SD-boot?

I have no idea.
It would be very silly of Toradex to have built it without.

Could you please provide some more details?

  • HW version of your Apalis imx8 module
  • Which serial port did you check?
  • Do you have activity on it when SD card is not inserted
  • How exactly you did recovery procedure?
  • What jumper you referring to?

Apalis iMX8 V1.0A is not supported either by Tezi or by our latest BSP. It uses alpha version of NXP silicon and was intended to be used as early access sample for evaluation. Please get Aaplis iMX8 v1.1B for further uses.

Could you please check label on Apalis module itself? As I remember Vison kit shouldn’t have v1.0A modules. Packing slip may refer to whole Vision Kit version.

I was hesitant to take the heat sink off due to issues with the thermal conductor.
The label on my SOM says V1.0B. It’s still an early access revision, not a current build.

Thanks for your reply. You can install the latest Bsp 5.0 Build 3 on this SoM.