Boot hangs indefinitely waiting for ext4_mark_recovery_complete

I’ve been running a test where I cut the power at a random point after powering on the unit. After repeating this test around 100 or so times, the unit will get stuck during boot when it is mounting the file system.
I have attached the dmesg trace when this occurs. link text

A unit affected this way can be repaired by booting from an alternate partition just one time.

This problem seems to have been reported before:

I’m currently trying to modify the kernel to put the eMMC in a valid state prior to mounting the partition as a workaround. This is based on the theory that there is some additional eMMC state that isn’t part of the raw drive data that is reset when a successful write does occur.

My question is: Is there a known workaround for this issue?

Hi @Kieren,

I answered your question at

Judging by your dmesg file, you are using the BSP 2.8, so we already recommend you moving to BSP 3.0.4.

About this question, I’m checking it internally and I’ll provide you feedback as soon as I have a status about it.

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André Curvello