Boost do_compile error


I am currently building the base torizon-core-docker image with yocto. I want to see that it builds fine before i start to modify the kernel.

during bitbake build process i get an error 1 when do_compile on openembedded-core/meta/recipes-support/boost/boost)
Here is what the output. boost-error -
It looks like there is an issue around gcc.


I managed to get over this issue by building only boost with bitbake. After this the image build continued until i got an error on do_compile for aktualizr.
Building only the akutalizr package did not help.
The error that i got is in the attached file.

aktualizr-error.txt (117.5 KB)

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Your build machine might have too little RAM. Add more RAM if possible, or increase swap.

Yes, after searching 2nd page on google i found that the amount of RAM could play an important role.
The machine has 4GB of RAM and the swap file was around 512MB. I creased the swap to 4GB and the build finished successfully.
The last time i built for the x8x i did not run in these issues.