BOARD_REV passed to prepare_script in documentation is not correct

I noticed during debugging of “unattended flashing” of the TK1 with the EasyInstaller that the BOARD_REV of the prepare_script is not $2 - BOARD_REV = Board revision, the last 4-digits of the 8-digit product number found in our web shop. (which would be 1200 for the Apalis TK1 2GB v1.2A) like specified in the documentation “image format” but V1.2A instead. You will stick to V1.2A in the future as well I guess?

V1.2A is the “pretty print” variant of the last 4-digits. This is intentional and we will stick to it in the future as well. I will update the description accordingly.

Great, thx. I just needed to know if it keeps stable for the future.