Bluetooth Qualified Design ID (QDID) for Toradex Bluetooth Modules


Does Toradex / Azureware provide a pre-qualified design ID (as per URL below) required for Bluetooth product qualification?


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NXP has a QDID for the original 88W8997 reference design (former Marvell, now owned by NXP) which is implemented by the AW-CM276NF. You can leverage this QDID when qualifying your end-products featuring our WB-enabled SoMs (featuring the AW-CM276NF module).

You can see the declaration and QDID information on this link.

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Daniel Morais

Thank you @daniel_m.tx

We will use this QDID for our product qualifications.

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For QDID / SIG certification for Toradex WB products, one may use the following as reference:

For Host Subsystem: Launch Studio - Listing Details
For Device Subsystem: Launch Studio - Listing Details