Bluetooth Power On Service

Hi, I am trying to run a bluetooth application but I noticed that while the bluetooth interface does exist on boot it isn’t powered on when you boot up the board. I originally wrote a fairly simple oneshot service but I noticed that it would fail on boot so I modified it to keep on restarting the service until the bluetooth powered on successfully. I wanted to know if there was a better way of doing this since this seems like a hacky solution.

I am using a custom yocto image inheriting from the core-image and building for the verdin-imx8mp. I haven’t run into any issues with yocto so I don’t think it’s coming from that.

I am working with Verdin-imx8mp on a dahlia carrier board v1.1

Below is the service file I wrote which works but I don’t think this is the best solution

Description=Powering on bluetooth

ExecStart=/usr/bin/bluetoothctl power on


Many thanks

Hi @AmaanJamilKEA,

Since you manage to power on the interface, I believe it’s not blocked by rfkill, am I correct?

The first thing I recommend is to test the same Bluetooth device with our reference multimedia image. If the same happens, please let us know, because we would need to check and see if there are any errors on our images.

Otherwise if the same doesn’t happen on our images, then I would recommend you check your Yocto build and share with us which modifications you’re doing with this image. Although there are no errors on the Yocto logs, this doesn’t exactly mean there is nothing wrong with your Yocto recipes or any configurations that might be causing this issue.

Can you provide more information?

Best Regards,