Bluetooth-Bluegiga Drivers for WinCe

Dear Team

i am searching for the Bluegiga Drivers as per given link in Bluetooth on Toradex Computer on Modules | Toradex Developer Center, I did not find the drivers for wince and in google search for the bluegiga drivers for wince 6.0 belongs to silicon labs, i am not find the specific drivers to download, please advise us alternate way to get the driver.

thanks in advance

Dear @sheethal,

I guess bluegiga Bluetooth comes standard HCI layer, you need to add BLUETOOTH HCI components and build the image. Please refer this article for that.

We did a Bluetooth installer to avoid the image build. Could you try with this installer and let us know the result.

Hi Raja,
thank you for your feedback after installing whether it will work as virtual Comport or is it required to configure in Registry, i checked it is not detected. anything else we want to configure please suggest me

Dear @sheethal,

Bluetooth profiles access the device according to the configuration :


For the Bluetooth testing, you need to follow Microsoft documentation for various profiles and how to test that. Please see below for a few testing instructions:

Please let us know if you are looking for any specific profile. There are more sample Bluetooth testing code available in the WinCE platform builder, please install and get it there and we should not share the source code here.