Bluetooth and Obex - Can't receive files

TDX Wayland with XWayland 6.3.0-devel-20230905113622+build.0 (kirkstone) colibri-imx8x-06846788 ttyLP3

Hey guys, I’m working on a performance bluetooth tests in a i.MX8X. I can send files, but not receive them. I installed obexftp, obex-data-server and openobex in my image, but when I try to send a file from my computer to the imx:

obexftp --nopath --noconn --uuid none --bluetooth MY_MAC_ADD --verbose --channel MY_CHANNEL --put teste1.txt

I get:
Connecting…failed: connect
The user may have rejected the transfer: Connection refused

I couldn’t succeed using obexctl on my computer too:

[NEW] Client /org/bluez/obex
[obex]# connect 00:E9:3A:9A:F2:96
Attempting to connect to 00:E9:3A:9A:F2:96
Failed to connect: org.bluez.obex.Error.Failed

My computer receives files from my imx and send for another devices normally. What do you think it could be?

Hi @bjlli,

We don’t have an example implemented using Obex, but we have an example of Bluetooth communication. It is available as a sample on our Github.

On our developer website, we have the following article that may be helpful for you.

Please, make sure that your Bluetoothctl is on, your “agent” is also on, your “discoverable” is also on.

power on
agent on
discoverable on