Blank Screen after OS Install (All OS) - Colibri iMX6

I am not using a Dev PC so i am just trying to load an OS on to my Colibri and directly work on it. So i followed the instructions (Except debug Serial Connection - I am waiting to get my DB9 USB Cable).

The Toradex Easy Installer loads no problem on power on. I installed the Linux via Internet. I got the success message, then I shutdown the system and powered back on. there is a very quick flash on my monitor, but then it goes black. so I tried flashing the system multiple times, and i put different OS on the system. same deal. I can go through the installer but after OS is installed nothing shows on the screen.

I know the monitor/Cable is fine because i can use the EasyInstaller

I have Tried USB Recovery and switching to different OS: WinCE, Linux Console, Linux with LXD, and Torizon. every time same deal. screen is black, lights are on the board

Unfortunately I dont have access to debug console for another 7 days until i get the cable so i am wondering if there is something very simple i am missing.

I am using a SAMSUNG SyncMaster 2494 via DVI

Default video output is set for parallel LCD interface. Iris board has a parallel LCD to VGA converter IC so if you have DVI->VGA adapter like this one you will see an output. For DVI output you need to set it. and you need a debug serial console to do it.

In case of WinCE you can use a remote display application - and do a registry setting without debug console.