black screen between splash screen an qt5 app


I’m conducting some implementation tests on Ixora using the Toradex multimedia reference image. I managed to configure a kernel splash screen and to run a QML (qt5) demo app (very light, only showing a colored rectangle). The problem is that the screen turns from splash screen to black for about 1s (with a more sophisticated app it takes longer) before the app is shown.

Can that be avoided?



Hi, @floji !

Are you using Boot2Qt? Or you built your image based on the Reference Multimedia Image?

Hi @henrique.tx ,

as mentioned we are using Toradex multimedia reference image with Toradex/NXP kernel.

Hi, @floji

Can you try to add fbcon=map:3 to the kernel arguments? For a similar problem, adding this solved it.

Bes regards.

Hi @henrique.tx ,

setting that option causes the kernel splash screen not to appear.
I think that the problem is located at the graphics driver. In documentation from NXP they list an environment variable that sound promising but it seems to be ignored on i.MX8X: GPU_VIV_DISABLE_CLEAR_FB=1

Regards, Florian

Hi @floji

Did you find a solution for this issue? Removing the blank screen between the splash screen and application is on my to-do list as well.


Hi @jars121 ,

unfortunately no.
I postponed further tests due to missing hardware samples with final LVDS display.
@henrique.tx : I still would need a solution for that issue.


Hello @jars121 @floji ,

Have you perhaps checked this thread here?
I think that might help.

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