Bitbake Syslog Conf output directories

I am trying to create a hidden directory on my new Linux image. From a few previous questions I am able to create a directory anywhere I like and send syslog logs to the directory. Previously I was making my directory /root/smg_logs and sending all debug message from syslog to /root/smg_logs/debug . This works great, but I want more.

I am trying to send the logs to /home/root/.smg_logs/debug . These logs are not to be available to everyone and as such I want to create a hidden folder in the root user.

I can create the hidden folder in /root/.smg_logs but adding the /home/ in front gives a SIGUSR1 .

Is it possible to create a hidden folder starting from the home directory?

In my bb file I have:

do_install_append () {
   install -d ${D}/home/root/.smg_logs
FILES_${PN} += "/home/root/.smg_logs"

In my syslog.conf I have:

#  /etc/syslog.conf     Configuration file for busybox's syslogd utility

*.debug     /home/root/.smg_logs/debug

*.info      /var/log/info
*.info      /dev/console

I don’t see anything obviously wrong in the bb file code. Can you create both and the do an ls -l of them to check permissions?


I am in the middle of a build. When complete I will get you more information ASAP.

Not sure what has changed but I tried this again, and it appears to work. I have not had a chance to place my new image onto my device, but it builds which is a big step forward.

That’s great news. Feel free to reach out if this issue reoccurs.