Bitbake produced image on SD card does not show up in Easy Installer list on Colibri iMX7

I am failing to install a new Linux image from an SD card onto my Colibri iMX7S 256MB V1.1B mounted on eval board V3.2B. I extracted a file named “Colibri-iMX7_LXDE-Image_2.8b2-20180612.tar.bz2” produced by bitbake onto an 8GB SD Card. When using the Easy Installer, inserting the SD card does not produce a local choice, only the usual choices from the internet. When allowing the boot to complete, the SD card shows up, mounted at /media/mccblk0p1, and looks like the extraction went well. Do I need any particular file structure? Interrupting the boot and running “run setupdate” results in an error message “** Unable to read file colibri_imx7/flash_blk.img **”. There is a file named “flash_blk.img” on the SD card, but under a directory named"colibri-imx7_bin", a couple levels down.

The Toradex Easy Installer (short Tezi) needs an image in the new Tezi format. The file ending is .tar and contains Tezi in its name (e.g. Colibri-iMX7_LXDE-Image-Tezi_2.7b4-20171004.tar).

Should the local.conf file be modified? Currently it contains the following:

What image type(s) are to be built?

IMAGE_FSTYPES += “tar.bz2”

Or is there some conversion procedure that can convert the tar.bz2 output to Tezi format?

Thanks for your reply

Oops on last comment, found the file, moved it to the SD card, extracted contents, and Voila! Works great, thanks!

perfect. Thanks for the feedback.