Best practice to add program for M4 core to image in torizon core builder


We are adding a program to run on the M4 on our Colibri iMX8 and want it to run on startup and include it in the image that we make with the torizon core builder.

We can currently add a binary to run in u-boot by running these commands a single time:

setenv load_cmd "ext4load mmc 0:1"
setenv m4_0_image "/ostree/deploy/torizon/var/firmware.bin"
setenv bootcmd "run m4boot_0; run bootcmd_mmc0;"

But we are wondering what the best practice would be for adding this to the image created by TorizonCore Builder tool. Is there some way to customize the boot process from within the TorizonCore builder tool?

you can follow the steps described here by @hfranco.tx
They’re for the Verdin iMX8M, but I think the’re the same for Colibri iMX8

Hi @hordur !

Please let us know the outcome after you follow the tip from @vix.

And thanks for pointing out that thread, @vix :slight_smile:

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