Best location for custom dts file

On Toradex KB I can find a document describing how to create a custom device tree file.
The steps are quite clear.
I only would like an advice on where is the best location where saving the custom dts file.
For sure the same folder /arch/arm64/boot/dts/freescale/ of base dts files is an option, but I’m not sure that mixing “toradex” and “custom” dts is a good idea (I think to future updates of “toradex” dts files).
But if I put the file into a custom directory it seems that the useful script find_in_devicetree cannot work anymore.

Can someone (more expert than me) give suggestions on where to save the custom dts files?

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Hello @vix,

Thanks for reporting this issue!
I could reproduce it. For now, the find_in_devicetree tool supports recursive searching only in the files placed inside the git tree structure - hence in the freescale directory in your case. However, my colleague @henrique.tx should be able to answer it better than me :slight_smile: