Best alternatives to debug RTOS M4 in Colibri imx7

We have already compiled codes for M4 in MCUExpresso Ide (eclipse based ide) and copied the .elf file into the boot folder and it works fine. For the product development we need to used a JTAG programmer to directly program the M4 core and analyse step by step.
Which debbugger is recommended to use? Is it possible debug with a jtag debugger and launch yocto linux in I7 at once? Or otherwise only is possible debug m4 while linux does not boot.
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Fran Arroyo

Greetings @fran_arroyo!

We have some experience using the SEGGER J-Link debuggers. They have some documentation about the i.MX7D on their wiki here:

It is possible to launch Linux on the A7 and debug the M4 separately. Just keep an eye on the peripherals configuration on the device tree so there are no conflicts, e.g. Linux trying to take over peripherals that are being used by the M4. This can lead to kernel panics.

Thanks for your quickly response.
We would like debug on custom board based into i.MX7D, the hardware JTAG interface is just implemented, but we are not sure about which specific model of SEGGER J-Link debugger choose, there are several models…
With BASE J-Link SEGGER is enought or not?
We hope in our IDE MCUXpresso IDE based in eclipse don´t problem to get work with a SEGGER J-Link, is it possible to get work without excesive problems with that type of IDE, isn’t it?


I’ve tested this with the J-Link BASE, so this should be enough. Actually any J-Link model compatible with the Cortex-M4 should do.

When I tested this, I’ve used regular Eclipse. Since MCUXpresso is Eclipse-based, it should work just fine.