Bare metal M4 example (GPIO & VF61)?

Does anyone have an example about using GPIOs with the M4 core of a VF61? (Bare metal, without RTOS)

Thanks a lot!

Hi Diego,

There are some bare metal examples from NXP, but I think they don’t use GPIO’s, see the “Sample Code for Vybrid Controller Tower System” download on Vybrids Software & Tools page.

As a personal project I integrated Vybrid support into libopencm3, which ended up working quite nicely and having Clocking, UART and GPIO support:

The code has been merged to the upstream libopencm3 branches, however, quite a while since I tested that last time, so it could be that it broke in the meantime…

Thank you for your answer.

I’ll take a look at libopencm3, n see how it goes :slight_smile: