Backup and Restore some device specific registry prior to Production Programming

We would like to make a field update to our existing devices and we have created a master copy using production programming tool. It works well but we would like to keep some device specific registry data unchanged after a full backup restore using production programming tool.

Can we save some part of the registry and restore it after running production programming tool.

Hi @koksal,

Unfortunately you did not specify what SOC (Colibri/Apalis VF50/CF61/iMX6/iMX7/T20/T30) you’re using, and how you do your production programming exactly (update tool, toradex easy installer, nvflash, .usb recover, …)

depending on your setup i will then give you the best options.

Hi Germano,

Please kindly see our answers below.

Our SOC is T20.

We have just followed the below topic. Works perfect. I think it uses Update tool and some templates!

We would like to save some registry setting prior to a full backup restore and apply it later on. It is basically some device specific calibration data located at.


Hi @koksal,

Now i understand what you want to do.

You could write your own sw to read out the registry settings you want to keep and re-apply them on next boot after the update script has run.

NOTE: It’s important that you reboot first with the new image after update, otherwise you’ll write the registry of the old image to flash!

Also, you will need to reboot once more to apply the settings that you restored.

If you don’t have your own code to do this, you could also use the registry editor that comes with the image, it can be launched with a command line to export a key to a .reg file or to import a .reg file to registry:

before reboot read out the settings you want to keep and save to filename.reg (put it on the update media):

regedit /E filename.reg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Elimko\FT5410

then after reboot (to re-import the settings from reg file into current registry):

regedit filename.reg

Save registry and reboot to apply settings

NOTE: the procedure is not that easy to automate as it requires 2 reboots. I’m working on a solution that would allow to patch in some reg file settings into the flashBackup_registry.nb0 file directly before doing the update, so you don’t need the 2 additional reboots. But i think this feature will take another 2-4 weeks until i can release it. Let me know if it would fit your schedule.

Hi Germano;

We can wait untill you released it and manage urgent updates manually.

Thank you very much and looking forward to seeing your release soon.

Best Regards,

By the way, if we write our own software, we have some questions regarding to synchronization.

  1. How can we guarantee that our software which to read our settings and to save to the disk runs prior to master backup restore process begins?

  2. How can we be aware of the state which is the second boot after a full backup restore and we need to restore our own settings. It looks quite complicated. Maybe we can create some files on disk but it requires additional software and checks.

If you know any paradigm for this scenario, we can develop our software for reading the registry and restore it later on.

Hi @koksal ,

To 1: This is easy, just put it in the in the batch file before you execute updatetool.exe part

To 2: This is the trickier part… that’s why i was suggesting to wait for the easier solution without many reboots :slight_smile:
But if you want to do it you need to write a file on your update medium that tracks the state of the update step, and read it out on your script that autoruns from your media and react accordingly by executing the right steps.

Hello Germano,

Any update for the software? We need to update lots of devices in the field. It is a bit urgent now.