Backports needed for Kernel 4.14?

Hi all,

On my carrier board I have a Wifi module and with my old Kernel version 4.9 and BSP2.8 I needed to compile backports from 5.4 to make the Wifi module work. This all worked fine.

Now I am using Kernel 4.14 with BSP3.0, I am wondering if i still need to do this backports business to get the wifi module to work. Certainly with the default imx7_defconfig file the wifi module did not work with 4.14, but maybe it would work with right Kernel config definitions.

Do I still need to compile the backports from 5.4 to get my 4.14 kernel setup to be able to drive the Wifi module?

Greetings @eoin_oc.

Support for backports has been mostly dropped starting with BSP 3.0. Please check this article on our developer website for more details.

First of all, you should check if the drivers for your Wi-Fi module are present on kernel 4.14. If these drivers are there, it’s just a matter of enabling them and recompiling the kernel.

If the drivers for your Wi-Fi module are not there, you can either compile them manually and integrate them to your kernel or consider migrating to our newer BSP 5.0 which is either based on mainline 5.4 kernel or NXP’s downstream 5.4 kernel. You can learn more about our releases in the Toradex Embedded Linux Release Matrix article.