Background App on Windows IoT not working


I am trying to deploy a test background application on T30 with with IoT. This is a simple blank background app. I can start it successfully from Visual Studio 2015. But when I deploy it and try to start from web based admin console of Windows IoT it gives a message “Failed to start application”. It doesn’t provide me any further details of issue.

  • I have tried to deploy a release version also. No luck.
  • I am using V 0.0.2 (Windows IoT version 10.0.10586)
  • Same background app working on Raspberry Pi 3 with (Windows IoT version 10.0.14951)

Please let me know how can I execute a background app on Toradex with windows IoT.


I think it would make sense to try the latest version of Windows. We will get in touch with middle of next week about a new version.
Do other applications work fine?