Azure IoT SDK C

I would like to use the Azure IoT SDK for C on VF61. I have already installed the packages contained at the Layer azure-iot-sdk-c 1.1.32 (OpenEmbedded Layer Index - azure-iot-sdk-c) on my target.

azure-c-shared-utility - 1.0.52-r0
azure-c-shared-utility-dev - 1.0.52-r0
azure-iot-sdk-c - 1.1.32-r0
azure-iot-sdk-c-dbg - 1.1.32-r0
azure-iot-sdk-c-dev - 1.1.32-r0
curl-dbg - 7.58.0-r0
openssl - 1.0.2l-r0.0
openssl-conf - 1.0.2o-r0
openssl-dev - 1.0.2l-r0.0
openssl-staticdev - 1.0.2l-r0.0

I am trying to build an application in Visual Studio 2022 under Windows, by using WSL 1. I have copied all the include header files from my target to my host, and the corresponding static or shared libraries. However, the linker has problems to find function calls of the linked libraries…

Do you have any running example for the use of Azure IoT SDK for C on VF61?
Could you maybe provide some general information about linking a library placed at my target on my host, in order to do cross compiling / debugging?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello @j.mingorance ,

Welcome to Toradex Community!

We do not have working examples that you seem to be looking for, but we have an Azure IoT developer page that might have some related info that might be helpful to you.


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Thank you for your response @saijanani.tx. Unfortunately, that link does not contain the information I am looking for. Moreover, the example they use at Azure IoT Hub - Colibri VF61 Modules - Sending data to the cloud relies on Node.js, and I am looking for help to use the C SDK.

Hello @j.mingorance ,

While I have to say that this is all the documentation that we at the moment (sorry about that), I was also wondering what kind of a use-case you have? I am especially intrigued by the fact that you are using VF61 (one of our older modules) for Azure applications.


The use-case is quite simple: adding a new functionality to an existing product.

Regarding the Azure IoT SDK for C, somebody of your team should have an example, because Toradex built the corresponding package for the Yocto layer azure-iot-sdk-c 1.1.32.

Thank you for the effort @saijanani.tx .

Hi @j.mingorance ,

I would suggest to setup a quick call, so that I can better understand your project and needs in this regard.

I will make you a personal message with some suggestions for possible time slots.

Best Regards