AWS greengrass on iMX6

Hi all,

I recently purchased a colibri iMX6 board with a iris carrier board. After playing around with the demo I like to dive into something.
I like to make a cloud connection, more in specific I want to connect the board to amazon aws iot. Therefor this board has to act as a green grass core. From toradex there is not much to find. Except a webinar that is actually a commercial for a company that made an implementation with a DC fan.
Did anyone tried something similar? I’m not an experiance linux user, certainly not on embedded board.
Because I have a big learning curve to go through it would be nice if somebody could point me in the right direction.

tanks for your input.

Hello @MathieuMH,

Configuring the Colibri i.MX6 to be a Greengrass core device is possible in several ways. According to the following documentation ( certain kernel configs need to be enabled to install Greengrass core. These configs are not set up by default in our standard Linux Angstrom Distribution, so you would need to rebuild the kernel ( to accommodate these.

Your other option is to use our up-and-coming Linux distribution Torizon ( Torizon by default already has the required configs set and also supports Docker containers.

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Hi @jeremias.tx
Your first suggestions seems complicated.
FYI the link you posted it not working. I googled Torizon and landed on the right page. The yocto based linux distribution looks nice. Is there a plan to release a AWS container as well? I see Azure listed as a supported container…
However, I’m gonna try the route with torizon distribution. That looks promising.
I see that it is available through the toradex easy installer. There are 3 configuration available. Which one do you suggest for my application? Please note that I am looking for software that is a closed and secure as possible.

Sorry about that I fixed the link. As for your questions.

  • Torizon is still much in continuous development and we’re considering many different types of containers. AWS support is on our radar but is not currently being pursued at the moment.
  • For the best compatibility with Greengrass I’d suggest the variant with Docker.

When you say you’re looking for closed and secure software, do you have a specific requirement?

HI there,
Oke, so you suggest to install the torizon OS and look out for an docker image that includes greengrass. And use that container instead of running is with the OS?

By closed and secure I mean the following things:

  • certificates inside a secure storage device (with tamper protection). For instance a TPM1.2 or 2.0 chip.
  • A clear view of what ports and services that are default open/allowed by the OS.
  • As for the OS, something with active community so security hazards/flaws are detected and resolved. But I think torizon and yocto fulfill that requirement.

Yes you could use the Greengrass core Docker container provided by amazon, or you could install the core package on the base system as I believe Torizon fulfills all the needed prerequisites.

In terms of security, that is still a work in progress with Torizon as we are still evaluating how best to provided a secure platform for our customers. This includes initial security configurations and cryptographic hardware solutions such as TPMs.

That being said Torizon can still be configured to be more secure than the default configuration initially provides.