Aw,Snap! is displayed in Chromium web browser in Torizon 5.1

I have installed the latest Torizon for Apalis iMX8
I have started chromium container.
Chromium started.

When I try to open some standard web pages like:

and many others

It crashed with information:

Aw, Snap!
Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.
Error code: 256
Learn more.

When I have touch to link: Learn more it finished with the same error (Aw, Snap!)

Where could be issue?


Jiri Crhonek
ComAp Prague
Czech Republic

Greetings @George_CZ,

I’m not having any such issues on my setup with chromium. How exactly are you starting the chromium container?

Furthermore does your board have stable internet connection and can reach the web pages you’re trying to load?

Best Regards,

I went to Containers.
I selected “chromium”
I touched “Start” button.
Chromium web browser started.

I have selected predefined link there like “

The page is displayed only for one second. After one second is displayed “Aw, Snap!” with Err code: 256

I have attached video for it.

What is wrong?


Jiri Crhonek
link text

Hmm there’s a lot of factors here that are unknown.

Please do the following. Stop all other containers including the Portainer UI. There might be some interference with the other running containers and we want to eliminate the possibility.

Next please start a weston and chromium container as instructed here: Web Browser / Kiosk Mode with TorizonCore | Toradex Developer Center

With this I was able to browse to any site I choose on my setup.

Best Regards,