AW-CM276NF FCC certification using manufacturing mode

We have built a device around the Apalis iMX8QP module, and are in the middle of FCC certification, but haven’t gotten to the intentional radiators tests yet. I’m not sure if we used the exact antennas listed in the modular certification, so I expect we will be required to have the device do certain things such as continuous TX/RX at different center frequencies and powers.

This Toradex link suggests that at one time this was only possible using the NXP driver, and that contacting technical support for assistance was the thing to do if you found yourself in need of help.

Is there an update to that guidance?

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Hello @rob.mclean,

We have a yocto layer that builds the proprietary drives from NXP and is capable of generating the tool for manufacturing mode. We can provide the tool + driver /firmware under NDA.