Avalonia (.NET 5) ComboBox on Debian BullsEye (Wayland Compositor) doesn't expand on click


I’m not sure is this the right place to aske but I want to give a try.
We are developing .NET application using Avalonia UI framework and it’s running on Colibri iMX8X (revision D) inside Docker container (on Debian BullsEye with Wayland compositor).

Everything works well except Avalonia UI controls that expands on click (ComboBox, TimePicker, etc.).
When you click on those controls they do not expand.

I tested those controls in Avalonia based application running on Debian BullsEye on regular PC and it works fine. But on Debian running on mentioned Toradex hardware problem with expanding UI controls exists.

Does anyone know maybe what is the reason and how we can bypass the problem?

Greetings @frka,

We don’t have much expertise with Avalonia internally so I can’t really say what the issue might be.

When you did your test on a regular PC was this setup also running Weston/Wayland? To mimic our Debian containers as closely as possible.

Otherwise I’m not sure how much help we can provide on this topic. Perhaps you’d have better results asking this to the Avalonia community/forums/github.

Best Regards,