Autostart causes lag


We are using Colibri IMX6ULL 256 with a viola carrier board

uname -r - 5.4.193-42221-gf78299297185-dirty

fw_printenv is attached

We have developed an application with Qt widgets, which works well when run from Qt over ssh
But when the same binary is run through , we see lag on GUI but the GPIO and other peripherals work fine.

  1. when a button is pressed (input GPIO), corresponding action takes effect immediately on output (GPIO). But the screen shows that after almost 2-3 seconds.

  2. when touch input is given via touchscreen the action is reflected on GPIO immediately but the corresponding radio button switches after 2-3 seconds

As mentioned, the same application works fine when run via Qt creator over ssh

Please share the possible solutions, also let me know if you need any additional information

fw_printenv_imx6ull.txt (5.5 KB)

Hi @crsl

Welcome to toradex community.
Hope your following the autorun-application article.If possible attach the application binary. I’ll try to reproduce the issue with my setup.