Automatically scan SD-CARD on startup

We potentially want to automatically scan SD Card for errors, on startup (due to issues with SD-Card corruption).

This microsoft link suggests that we can configure the registry to scan a mounted SD-CARD on startup.

Is that supported correctly for SD-Cards with the T30 running WEC 7?

I ask this question because I saw references to ScanVolume for earlier WinCE versions that seemed to imply that at least .net Compact Framework 4.0 needed to be installed and we are using .net CF 3.5, which as far as I know is the latest version supported by the T30.

Can anyone advise/confirm?

Right now I don’t see any reason why the registry settings you shared should not work.

I don’t think there is any dependency between scanning the volume and the .NET CF exists. There was actually never a .NET CF 4.0 framework, the highest version is 3.9. WEC 7 supports 3.5 an WEC2013 supports 3.9 .NETCF.

Thanks for that.