Automatic persistent reflash of EasyInstaller into SOM eMMC

A short explanation of my usage scenario of the EasyInstaller in production:

In rare cases issues during production may require to reflash the of the TK1 SOM to (right now) EasyInstaller v1.7. Our prefered way of flashing a SOM with as little dependencies (NO vnc connection and manual process via GUI) is the autoinstall option of the EasyInstaller. In general this approach works perfectly fine.

However in the “EasyInstaller re-flash” use case we discovered a limitation:

The autoinstall of the EasyInstaller into persistent eMMC does not work in case the EasyInstaller on the SOM (in the reflash scenario EasyInstaller will be executed from RAM after execution of has the same or an older version than the already running one. What is the proposed approach to workaround this issue? I thought about a 2 stage flash procedure. First autoinstall an older EasyInstaller version say v1.6 with into RAM, then autoinstall the current EasyInstaller v1.7 into eMMC. Is this reasonable or are there other ways to workaround the issue?

Hello, I’m not sure I fully understand your question. If you want to flash an older/equal EasyInstaller from an existing EasyInstaller, you can do so by setting "isinstaller: false" in the .json file, as the link you provide mentions.