Auto-Install Easy Installer back ontop of WE7 using Easy Installer

In certain cases, our product might need to be reverted back to the ‘factory’ image of Easy Installer after it has been loaded with WE7. I ran into an issue where the Autorun fails to work only when using Easy Installer to load an Easy Installer image. Once I have Easy Installer back on the UUT, plugging in my WEC7 USB key autoruns successfully.
Here are my basic steps, with the UUT already loaded with a WinCE image.

  1. Enter bootloader commands bootfrom usb and reboot
  2. On other PC, start windows-recovery.bat under Apalis-iMX6_1.6 so it loads up on the UUT USB console port.
  3. Plug in USB to USB host port that contains the same Apalis-iMX6_1.6 image with json autorun set to true.
  4. FAIL: Autorun does not execute, need to manually select the image and click Install.

The image is still loaded successfully, but in our test flow we will not have a VGA or Keyboard/Mouse attached to the UUT’s so the operator will not be able to run this manually. My question is, how can I force this to autorun? Is it because I’m trying to use the same image in step 2 and 3?

*Note, I did try using Apalis-iMX6_1.7 for step 2 instead to see if a different version (1.6 and 1.7) would work but no luck.

**We configure the WEC7 image it to a point where certain actions can no longer be performed that might need to be retested. Hence the need to revert back to the starting image.

Dear @brian.stuckrath

By default, the Toradex Easy Installer does not automatically install a Toradex Easy Installer, if the version is older or equal.

To override this, you need to do one more modification in the image.jsonfile:

  "isinstaller": false,

The documentation is not clear about this. We will update it to avoid customers running into the same problem in the future.

Regards, Andy

That did it! Thanks for the quick response!